Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Who We Are
We are a citizens' advocacy group comprised primarily of residents of the City of Phoenix and adjacent communities committed to protecting the integrity of the Sonoran Desert Preserve.

Why We Were Created

As a group of citizens, we joined together to originally advocate against the Taylor Morrison development of MacEwan 480. 

In November 2018, a privately owned parcel of land known as MacEwan 480, of approximately 473 acres, was requested to be rezoned by the developer Taylor Morrison, from a low density rural zoning (S-1, 1 dwelling per acre) to a higher density zoning (allowing 3-5 dwellings per acre). This property is located on the south side of Sonoran Desert Drive, approximately ½ mile from the Sonoran Desert Preserve Apache Wash Trailhead.


We oppose this change in zoning and are currently advocating against it as we believe it will have an immediate and profound negative impact on the Sonoran Desert Preserve.

Our Mission
Our mission is to “Protect the Integrity of the Sonoran Desert Preserve (SDP)” by:

  1. Advancing the goals and work of the Sonoran Desert Master Plan 1998

  2. Advocating at the local and state level for the Sonoran Desert Preserve 

  3. Educating public and private interests on the value of the Preserve

  4. Expanding the Preserve through Public Initiatives.

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