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Updated: Mar 24, 2019

The only way we can stop the irresponsible development of the Sonoran Desert Preserve is to make our voices heard. I urge you to take the following steps to let our representatives know you are against the upcoming Taylor Morrison development, as well as any future development of the preserve:

1. Attend the Desert View Village Planning meeting, on April 2nd at 6:30pm at the Paradise Valley Community Center. In this meeting, Taylor Morrison's lawyer will be there providing information on the development. We will be able to ask questions as well as comment. I will be there and I urge you to attend as well.

2. Email the Desert View Village Planning Committee who has jurisdiction over this issue and will make recommendations to the City about it. Tell them you don’t want 1400 homes next to the Preserve! MAINTAIN S-1 ZONING. Taylor Morrison is asking for a hardship exemption because their development won't be profitable without the 1400 additional homes. We believe there is no hardship and ultimately there should be no change to the zoning.

Their email to is: Or to call them via Kaelee Wilson at the City of Phoenix at 602-262-6949.

3. After the Desert View Village Planning Committee votes, they send their recommendation to Councilman Jim Warring who will vote on the change. You can email Councilman Jim Waring and tell him you don’t want 1400 homes next to the Preserve! MAINTAIN S-1 ZONING! NO HARDSHIP = NO CHANGE.

To contact Jim Waring, you can email him at or Or call him at 602-262-7445. His twitter account is @Jim_Waring and his Facebook account is

4. Sign up for email alerts below and we’ll keep you updated on our progress!

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