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What is our why?

Updated: Mar 24, 2019

As my husband and I drove along Sonoran Desert Drive, heading to the Apache Wash Trailhead, we wondered what those large signs on the side of the road said. We eventually pulled off and my husband hiked down towards the signs. They were pretty difficult to get to!

When he finally came back, he let me know that Taylor Morrison, a developer in the valley, was asking to change the zoning of the land from 1 house per acre to 3-5 houses per acre. We were concerned. This meant that over 1400 houses would be going in across from the Apache Wash Trailhead! This seemed like a lot.

We were concerned and sickened by this upcoming development. We wanted to know how all of these homes would impact traffic. We were concerned about overcrowding in schools. We were upset that Taylor Morrison was advertising the houses as having premier access to the trailhead. We were made Taylor Morrison said they needed to put more houses on this land in order for it to be profitable. We were also worried about the developer building in a known flood plain. Having come from Houston, we didn't want to see another disaster the tax payers had to foot the bill for like the flooding we saw in 2017.

We realized there were other citizens concerned too, and rightfully so. We organized and with over 400 members, we are hoping to first convince the Desert View Village Planning Committee to vote no against this change in zoning.

The Desert View Village Planning Committee Meeting on April 2nd at 6:30pm at Paradise Valley Community Center is where we can make our voices heard. I hope to see everyone there.

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