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We need THOUSANDS not hundreds

We we have been trying to convince our lawmakers that we are for the responsible development of our land and that we don't want Taylor Morrison to be allowed to rezone the area across from Apache Wash and put in 1400 new homes.

During this journey, we have been told time and time again that it is not hundreds that will convince our lawmakers to vote no to the Taylor Morrison rezoning. Given this, I encourage everyone to reach out to the following lawmakers and let them know how you feel.

Feel free to use the script below:

"My name is (your name), I live in (ZIP). I support Save Our Sonoran Preserve and I believe in the responsible and sustainable development of the desert in Arizona. This means maintaining existing zoning of the preserve. Please vote no on the MacEwan 480 rezoning request put forward by Taylor Morrison. This rezoning negatively impacts our preserve and will set precedent for future home builders to put in higher density housing around the preserve.

The case numbers are as follows: Z-62-18-2 Z-TA-5-18-2 Z-75-18-2

Thank you, and PLEASE vote NO!"

(absolutely, call this one first) Mayor Gallego 602-262-7111

City Council (Priority) (may be the decision makers) Dist 2 Jim Waring 602-262-7445 Dist1 Thelda Williams 602-262-7444

(Secondary) (will be voting, but looking to above) Dist 3 Debra Stark 602-262-7441 Dist 4 Laura Pastor 602-262-7447 Dist 5 Vania Guevara 602-262-7447 Dist 8 Felicita Mendoza 602-262-7493 Dist 7 Michael Nowakowski 602-262-7492 Dist 6 Sal DiCiccio 602-262-7491

Additionally, I encourage you to email them as well...

Dist 1 Thelda Williams Dist 2 Jim Waring Dist 3 Debra Stark Dist 4 Laura Pastor Dist 5 Vania Guevara Dist 6 Sal DiCiccio Dist 7 Michael Nowakowski Dist 8 Felicita Mendoza

And if you are feeling extra revolutionary, send along a tweet with our website...

City Council Twitter Kate Gallego is @KateWGallego Dist 1 Thelda Williams is @TheldaWilliams1 Dist 2 Jim Waring is @Jim_Waring Dist 3 Councilwoman Debra Stark is @DebraStarkPHX Dist 4 Laura Pastor 4 City Council is @pastor4council Dist 5 Councilwoman Vania Guevara @phxdistrict5 Dist 6 Councilman Sal DiCiccio is @sal_diciccio Dist 7 Michael Nowakowski is @MRNowakowski. Dist 8 Councilwoman Felicita Mendoza is @phxdistrict8

Good luck and God Speed.

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