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What is the Desert View Village Planning Committee?

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

As you have heard us say, we all need to attend the Desert View Village Planning Committee meeting on April 2nd at 6:30pm at the Paradise Valley Community Center. This is the first step Taylor Morrison must take to get the land across from the preserve rezoned for high density housing.

To give a little background, this private land was originally zoned S-1, meaning whoever bought the land for development could put one house per acre on the land. This meant about 400 homes. However, now that Taylor Morrison wants to buy the land, they have decided they wouldn't be profitable unless they put 3-5 homes per acre on the land (about 1400 more homes). They claim their lack of profitability was from the fact that this parcel of land was far away from things and that they would have to provide water and sewer hookups, among other things. Poor them.

Their first step to get this change in zoning is to head to the Desert View Village Planning Committe meeting to make their case for the chance. You may have seen the signs along Sonoran Desert Drive alerting the public to these meetings and this change. You may have also missed them because they were pretty far away from the road, intentionally.

During this meeting, Taylor Morrison's lawyer will be defending their request for a change in zoning. It is during this meeting we the people can speak out against this change. We will have time to ask Taylor Morrison questions, such as, "Why should anyone get privileged access to the preserve as you are marketing?" and we can also speak out about why we don't want this change (traffic maybe?).

After this meeting, there will be a meeting where the Desert View Village Planning Committee will vote on whether or not to recommend rezoning. This could be in May. From there, the recommendation will go to the City of Phoenix Councilmen, such as Jim Waring, who will also vote.

This is why it is important to attend the meeting on April 2nd. These groups take note of how many people show up and what they have to say. Additionally, it is also important we are writing our city councilmen, as well as our mayor, and anyone else we can get who will advocate for us.

I urge you to attend the meeting on Tuesday.

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